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Drawing on project and change management expertise, the Corporate Project Manager will provide leadership and direction in the development, execution and evaluation of a variety of organizational-wide, strategic projects. In particular, this role will initially support the implementation of a regional Electronic Health Record in the role of Site Lead for CGMH; the Corporate Project Manager will also work closely with the Redevelopment Project Manager and Consultant Team in the continued planning for Hospital Redevelopment.

Overall, the Corporate Project Manager will support project implementation, with an important focus on both knowledge management and relationship management and would be responsible for the refinement of corporate-wide strategic planning and overall project implementation practices.

This position will serve as a liaison between various hospital departments, senior leadership team, and external partners as required. The successful candidate must have extensive experience in project management, change management, and implementing enterprise-wide systems.  We are looking for a detail-oriented individual with the ability to work in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment. This key support function will contribute to streamlining hospital-wide activity to align with our strategic vision: Outstanding Care – For Life.

Some Key Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  • Engage project sponsor (vice president) and project champion (director) to define the proposed project’s objectives, benefits, statement of work and alignment to organizational strategies.
  • Lead the working group in the development of a high-level budget, timelines and milestones
  • Analyze and correlate all of the information gathered through the above activities to write a Project Request document that succinctly summarizes the details and requirements of the proposed project for approval by organization’s vice presidents and directors.
  • Develop a detailed communication strategy with project stakeholders and team.
  • Track project spending and perform forecasting and variance analysis to meet financial objectives; initiate correct actions as necessary
  • Provide appropriate and timely communication to the various stakeholders groups, e.g. deliver status update presentations to the project steering committee
  • Identify, track and communicate issues/variances as they arise and escalating critical items
  • Manage and lead the evaluation of project change requests

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Getting a job as a project manager can be a challenge.  Just because you obtained your certification does not guarantee you a well-paying 6 figure salary.  You have to earn that.  The best way to earn that is to look for those opportunities that really peak your interest.  It is when you’re having fun doing what you love to do that your performance will shine and the respect as a legitimate Project Manager will come out.

Remember your training, don’t be afraid to ask your peers for advice and above all, don’t be afraid to take a risk and take that next step.