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Project Management Training is essential not only for obtaining the PMP designation but for maintaining your designation and keeping up with changes in our profession. Training is available in a variety of sources from free online content to a full out full time course at some universities. The type and level of project management training is your choice. Do your research in this area. There a a lot of very good classes and instructors out there, but there are also an equal number of not so competent classes that are ony after your resources.

A good source of training recommendations could be obtained from your provincial chapters.

Attention PMP’s or PM’s working on getting certified:

Group ASI has a 2014 training Calendar full of PDU earnable classroom AND on-line courses available.

Advanced Work Packing and Workface Planning is all about getting the right things to the right people at the right time, to save money and improve productivity on large-scale construction projects.  These courses are recognized by PMI and are endorsed by CII and COOA.  Check out their offerings.  They will also do custom training, assessments and audits.

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